About your guide

RIE inspired

Andrea learned about RIE during her studies (BA in ChAD). The RIE foundations course solidified her knowledge and experience. The PITC (Program for Infant Toddler Care) furthermore trained her in the specific needs infants and toddlers have.

Respect + Care = Trust

During my 15+ years of teaching in early childhood every day has become evidence of the importance for mutual respect between student and teacher. Only when we respect each other can optimal care be provided. The result is trust, which is the foundation of discovery and exploration.


Through guided sensitive observation you will gain a better understanding of your child and build a respectful, caring, and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime.

On a personal note

Who am I?


I am a wife, and mother of two daughters in college. My first encounter with parent education was when our older daughter started preschool at a Co-op in the San Fernando Valley. After our younger daughter graduated I started taking child development classes. I wanted to support families during their journey through child development as my daughters' teacher did.

Respect + Care = Trust


10 years later I graduated with a bachelors in Child and Adolescent Development from SJSU. I specialized in infant and toddler care by working daily with this age group as well as taking the RIE foundations course and becoming PITC trained.

Guidance Classes


My goal during the guidance classes is to help parents, nanny, grandparents, and caregivers in general, to understand the importance of natural motor development, the benefits of respecting a child, and to gain confidence during  interactions.